Della Goodinson

Della has been throwing on her pottery wheel since she was 22 years old. Her first class learning wheel throwing started at Risingholme in 1985. Della has gained skills from teachers within the pottery club environment.  Della’s profession has been nursing and this has given her transferable skills to relate to the individual needs of her students. Della loves to help get your posture right at the wheel and get your mind and hand and wheel speeds working in sync. “I love it when learners learn to click with the wheel, it’s such a special moment to see, then their progress continues in such an individual way”.

Della tutors in pottery wheel throwing beginner and Intermediate courses as well as a weekend workshop every term at Risingholme.

You can also find Della at her weekly Lyttelton Market selling her pottery, so feel free to chat about the classes or see and buy her work at Little River Gallery and the Beehive Collective at Riverside Lane.

Della Goodinson can be found on Instagram

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