Jennifer O’Neill

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Jennifer’s journey of teaching, facilitating yoga and creative meditation began in her mid-twenties, and she soon discovered that this was something she wanted to pursue.

Jennifer trained in Holistic Meditation for Wellbeing when her children were little, which lead onto completing her 500 HRS Yoga training and she currently in the process of working through her 200 HRS Tantra yoga training which is based on rituals, chanting and of course yoga.

More recently, Jennifer completed her Ayurveda studies to learn more about her body and the natural rhythms of life. Jennifer is dyslexic and this gift has allowed her to accept that our weakness can be our strengths and for Jennifer, this reveals itself in her ability to connect to her learners on a deeper lever. Jennifer teaches in a very individual based yoga but also accountability to self, work at your own level and there are always options. Jennifer encourages laughter and smiles in her classes, and her yoga is all about community. Jennifer warmly welcomes you all to join her courses.

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