Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams Rethink your Money Mindset Workshop

Through Stacey’s own personal development journey, she now helps overwhelmed people buried in debt get out of debt within a short timeframe and have more money in their pockets without taking on another job or borrowing. Even if you have no understanding of finances or economics.

She started her career studying Social Work, graduating Level 7 Bachelor of Social Work from Ara, formally CPIT in 2013. She started her working career working in the field of mental health for 7 years and having a number of different roles. In 2021 Stacey left her corporate career, to pursue her dream of being self-employed, and helping and coaching people on their mindset when it comes to their financial situation.

Stacey loves inspiring others to live life more on their terms and in accordance with their values. She wants everyone to say ‘yes’ to more and not have to say ‘no’ to things that are important to them and stressed because of their financial situation.

When she isn’t helping people, she is at the beach, enjoying a coffee or hanging out with her fiance Matt.

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