Jane Elley

Jane is passionate about helping women improve the quality of their lives and will help you understand and learn new skills, make mindset shifts and give you the tools that will bring about positive shifts and changes through her unique personal development courses and mentoring programmes, as well as her business training options for those wanting to create their own, new start-up business. Jane is a Self-Development Mentor and Coach for women in small business which follows a 29 year career leadership role in sales and people development within the Direct Sales industry.

She loves challenges, walking in nature, holidays, traveling and plenty of social time, and is a busy mum of 3 great kids. She loves the space and freedom of farm life and lives with her partner, kids, 2 crazy dogs, 2 cats, 4 white ducks, and a big garden needing constant work!

For more info about Jane check out her website:

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