Ildica Boyd

Ildica has a passion for patterns, whether in fabric, paper or other mediums she loves the look of a wandering line or shape. Weaving for many years, teaching workshops in schools, kindergartens, and polytechnics. She finds tangling a fun method of pattern creation to make beautiful small artworks. Ildica has a BA(Hons) in Textile Design, CZT qualification and NZQA Level 5 Certificate of Adult and Community Education. She teaches Zentangle internationally within the supportive and vibrant community Zentangle has worldwide.

Over twenty years ago her husband and her came to New Zealand on their honeymoon, and forgot to go home, utterly captivated by the South Island. So, when not Tangling or being ‘generally creative’ with fabric she can be found tramping, camping and exploring with her family.

For more information about Zentangle, check out Ildica’s website



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