Hisham Mostafa Elzeiny

Hisham grew up in the port city of Suez, where his father was a marine engineer and his mother a homemaker. After moving to Cairo after the 1967 war, he lived there until he emigrated to New Zealand. Hisham tells how during his childhood, they usually had a cook and house-maids. Although he is a trained medical doctor, with a Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness as well, he admits that he had no idea of cooking. He knew what healthy food was and always enjoyed good food and wished to know how to cook it.

That all changed after migrating to New Zealand 17 years ago. Alone, needing to feed himself and getting tired of junk food, he missed his mother’s food. After a few phone calls to relatives, he had a good collection of family recipes to start with. He started scouring cooking books, watching countless cooking shows, browsing the internet for recipes and that is how his love for cooking started. With a close friend owning a take away shop, he gained an insight into food preparation on a large scale. Today Hisham regularly caters for occasions in his family and his dishes and recipes are well sought after.

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