Helen McLeod

Advanced Photoshop DSL Courses

Helen McLeod (Dipl. Prof. Phot., Dipl. Dig. Phot., FPSNZ, GPSA, ARPS) is an internationally exhibited professional photographer working out of Christchurch, New Zealand.

She is an experienced photographic educator having taught at tertiary level for “South Seas Film School” (Auckland) and regularly lectures in tertiary institutions and secondary schools.

Helen has professionally worked in a number of photographic genres such as forensic photography, demolition photography, wedding photography, event photography, industrial photography and commercial photography.

Through the medium of Fine Art Photography Helen has learnt to train her mind to see the creative possibilities in any situation, no matter how ugly they may be.  Her fine art photography is revered throughout New Zealand.  Some of this can be seen in the art galleries of Christchurch.  She has won a number of prestigious medals and awards within New Zealand and internationally with her photographic work and audio-visuals.  As a result she has been exhibited all around New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Helen’s website is below:




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