Bonnie Caesar

Bonnie was raised in a big Deaf family in Christchurch. She lives with her husband, their two beautiful daughters and pet dog. Bonnie’s husband and children are hearing and use New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

Growing up Deaf, Bonnie is a natural NZSL user. She has been teaching since 2019 and loves it! At Risingholme she teaches Level one and Level two NZSL. Recently, she has completed two years of Deaf studies at Victoria University in Wellington is now a qualified NZSL tutor.

Bonnie’s interest and passions are spending time with my family, exercising at home, walking the dog, gardening and baking/cooking.

Bonnie loves to see her students over the last 4 years learning NZSL, our language /culture. It makes her happy and she loves seeing her learners gain confidence!

Bonnie is looking forward to seeing you in her classes.

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