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Course Information

In most cases, courses will be taught by the tutor named in the brochure/website on the dates stated. We make every effort to make our programme as accurate as possible at the time of publishing. We do, however, reserve the right to make any changes that may be necessary. This includes changes to day, time, venue and tutor.

No classes are run on public holidays.

Enrolment Information

Enrolments into a course is based on first come, first served.

All courses need a minimum number to go ahead.  If your course does not have sufficient paid enrolments, we regret that we will have to cancel and will let you know by email. Please check your emails regularly.  Courses are usually confirmed or cancelled 3-5 working days prior to the scheduled start date.

Your enrolment into a course at Risingholme remains provisional until you have paid.  Only a paid enrolment secures a place in a course.

A 5% discount on course fees is available if you enrol and pay for the whole year (all four terms in the same course) before 01 February of the year of enrolment.

Many of our courses are government funded through the Tertiary Education Commission’s Adult and Community Education (ACE) fund.  If you are enrolling in an ACE Funded Course you will be required to provide proof of identity, citizenship/residency at the time of enrolment.  For further information, on what types of identity documents are required and how you can provide this information, please click here.

Waitlist System: We run a waitlist system for most of our courses.  Please don’t delay paying for your course, as provisional enrolments in courses that have enrolments on the waitlist may be removed from the course and replaced with a paid enrolment from waitlist.

Please note:  Before removing your course enrolment you will receive an email prompting you to pay and giving you 48 hours to do so.

Refund Policy

Cancellation by us

  • We may regretfully have to cancel courses if we do not get enough paid enrolments in which case you will get a full refund.
  • We may choose to close a course if there is a high level of non-attendance or withdrawal, in which case a proportional refund may be made.

Cancellation/suspension/postponement due to extreme weather, tutor illness or other unforeseen reason

Wherever possible, we will offer replacement or extended classes to make up for any class/es cancelled, suspended or postponed due to extreme weather, tutor illness or other unforeseen reason. For further information click here.

Cancellation by the learner

If you need to withdraw from a course and inform us in writing at least one week before the course is scheduled to start or before the course has been confirmed to start, you will be eligible for a refund minus a $20 administration fee.

If you withdraw from a course at any other time, you will not be eligible for a refund.

No refunds are given after confirmation or commencement of a course to ensure course viability.

Non-attendance due to Self-Isolation due to being COVID-19 positive
If you cannot attend a number of consecutive classes due to having to self-isolate as you are COVID-19 positive and have concerns about your course please contact the office at info@risingholme.org.nz to discuss your options.


When you enrol with Risingholme we use secure payment facilities to process all online credit card transactions.  No credit card details are kept by Risingholme unless by prior agreement.

Price, Currency and GST

All prices stated on our website are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and are inclusive of the 15% Goods & Services Tax (GST). Payments will be processed in New Zealand Dollars only, we do not accept payments in any other currencies. Risingholme reserves the right to change prices of courses advertised on this website, without notice.

Credit Card Payment and Security

Risingholme credit card information security policy: Risingholme uses the Westpac Payment Gateway (Windcave) for its online credit card transactions. Windcave processes online credit card transactions securely providing a safe and secure online payment service.

  • Payments are processed in real-time
  • Risingholme does not have access to your credit card number, credit card payments are secured by ‘Westpac’.

Privacy Policy

For further information click here.

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