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Risingholme Learning employs a range of people with great skills to tutor our courses. We are looking for talented, empathetic, inspirational and knowledgeable tutors to deliver courses for adults.

The following information will help to familiarise you with our processes for setting up courses in our programme.

The Community Education Calendar
Risingholme’s programme follows the traditional four term calendar. Courses are typically run during school terms. Please click here to get the latest information on term dates.

The progamme is planned for the year ahead and posted as such on the website but up to date information is published on the courses page on a term by term basis.

New courses can be added throughout the year.

Who selects the courses?
The Director selects the courses. This is done, taking into consideration –

  • current funding requirements (where applicable)
  • the needs of our community
  • currently offered courses
  • requests for new courses as indicated by learners
  • the tutor’s educational and occupational experience in the topic
  • the proposed market for this course

Who determines the course content?
Typically the tutor sets the course content, upon discussion with the Director.  Tutors need to keep in mind why people take community education courses and be flexible in their approach to setting the curriculum.  Tutors will present their proposed course outline to learners at the first class and answer questions from learners in relation to the course.  This could mean that the class could decide together on a course outline which may differ from what was advertised – to suit the learning needs of the learners.

How long does a course have to be?
Risingholme Learning is flexible in its approach to course length.  Courses can range from a one off seminar, one day workshops to up to 8 weeks in length.  You as the tutor will decide what time period best suit your objectives and potential learners.  This may have to change due to venue availability.

Risingholme Learning aims to offer a flexible programme i.e. a good combination of short one day courses to longer courses. Our experience shows that the 8 week model of 2 hours per week is most popular but this is not set in concrete.

Courses are planned so that there is room for a catch up week during term time – in case of interruptions.

What is the best time for a course and who determines this?
Course times are determined by the tutor, upon consultation with the Director.  Risingholme Learning aims to offer a spread of courses during the day, evenings and during weekends.  Risingholme Learning also aims to offer a spread of classes city wide.  Course times will also depend on venue availability.

Who sets minimum and maximum enrolment numbers?
The Director in consultation with the tutor.  This will take into account the type of course offered, the space and venues available, the tutor requirements and any other regulatory requirements, eg covid

Minimum Requirements to teach
Risingholme Learning require tutors to have knowledge of the particular subject being taught. For many courses, this knowledge may be the result of your own particular work experience, formal education or training, or self-directed knowledge.

Our current tutors are artists, business people, teachers etc.  They are people like you who either have a special talent, skill or set of ideas that can be passed on to others through teaching.  The basic requirements are simple: a love for your subject and a desire to share this expertise with others.

The following qualities will help:

  • a good subject knowledge
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • a good sense of humour
  • flexibility
  • a desire to share ideas with people regardless of sex or cultural background
  • ability to communicate ideas at different skill levels
  • professional presentation and instructional skills
  • good writing and speaking skills
  • willingness to prepare before classes
  • punctuality
  • a willingness to meet administrative and reporting requirements
  • participation in professional development opportunities
  • professionalism in working relationships
  • a willingness to reflect on course feedback from students and taking action as a result of this

The Hiring Process
Tutors are hired in two ways:

  • a course is proposed by a tutor or
  • a course is created and a tutor is hired to teach in the programme.

Submitting a course proposal
If you are interested in creating a new course or even re-designing your current course, in the first instance, please contact Risingholme Office with the following information –

We require the following information from you:

  • A short resume (if a new tutor).  A short one page summary will suffice.  We are interested in your education, teaching experience, training and achievements related to your proposed course.
  • A brief course proposal – please provide a  brief outline of information to be covered in the course; the main learning point of the course and who you expect your target audience to be.
  • Your availability to teach

Email to

Things to consider before you submit your course proposal

  • Please check the Risingholme website to see if your proposed course is already being offered.
  • Are you considering teaching this course elsewhere?  Do work on not competing against yourself as this can lead to low enrolments resulting in cancelled courses and disappointed learners.
  • Commercial businesses can offer Community Education Courses provided the courses is educational, not promotional.

Procedure upon submitting a course proposal

  • Submitting a course proposal does not guarantee that the course or activity will be accepted or added to the Community Education programme.  If added, no guarantees are made that the programme will automatically continue to offer the course.
  • You will receive an email from the Risingholme office confirming that your course proposal was received.
  • All proposals will be reviewed.  Only those selected as candidates will be contacted and invited to interview.

Course acceptance and contract

  • Once interviewed and a decision has been made to offer your course, you will contacted to complete an Employee Application Form.  Once all the information we required is received you will receive an employment contract (Individual Employment Agreement or Contract for Services) and a tutor handbook (if a new tutor).
  • A course information sheet for learners will be prepared and your course information will be uploaded onto the Risingholme website and/or included in the brochure or newsletters.
  • Once the course is advertised, you will be provided with regular updates on enrolments.
  • Once your course has reached enough enrolments to proceed, a time will be organised for your to complete an induction session so you are familiar with all Risingholme’s policies and procedures prior to your course starting

Course Evaluations
Upon course completion, Risingholme issues course evaluations to both learners and tutors according to a set plan for each term.

Tutor Pay
Tutors are employed based on Risingholme’s fixed term Individual Employment Agreement or Contract for Services policies.

Tutors are paid for contact time only.

What do we offer to our tutors?

  • an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with others
  • part-time tutoring opportunities to help build your resume
  • a tutor discount on attending other courses in our programme
  • professional development

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