Cancellations Due to Weather Conditions

From time to time, it may prove necessary to close venues or postpone classes due to extreme weather conditions.

We are taking this opportunity to advise you of our processes:

  • Our preferred option is for classes to continue whenever possible but we reserve the right to change this based on information available.
  • We will liaise with tutors and based on information available to us, to ensure your safety, we will decide whether or not a class should proceed.
  • The Office will contact you by either landline, text and/or email if your class is postponed. This could include leaving messages on your answer service. Please ensure we have your up to date contact details especially a cell phone number.
  • We will also post a message with regards to the status of your class on our Facebook page. Please note – you do not have to have a Facebook account to see our page. This can be found by clicking here.
  • If the school venues we use are closed, then night classes at those venues will also be closed. Please check the school websites for updates as well.
  • We will update the Risingholme website and Facebook if the Risingholme office is closed and if the school venues are open or not.
  • As indicated in our refund policy, once weather conditions have returned to normal and classes can resume, wherever possible, we will offer replacement or extended sessions to make up for sessions cancelled due to extreme weather, tutor illness or other unforeseen reason.