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We offer a range of beginners courses as well as courses aimed at those who want to improve their employment opportunities.

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This page has information on ESOL courses, Te Reo Māori, Sign Language as well as a wide range of other languages.

ESOL = English for Speakers of Other Languages

ESOL Courses are offered at the following levels:

Level 1 (Beginners)                     Those with little or no English
Level 2 (Elementary)                   Those who can understand and use simple English in everyday situations.
Level 3 (Intermediate)                 Those who can usually understand native speakers and can make themselves understood in familiar situations.
Level 4 (Upper Intermediate)      Those who can generally speak with confidence and accuracy but need to develop fluency and the use of idiomatic language.

ESOL courses are for citizens/permanent residents of New Zealand and are subsidized by the government.

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Enrolment into a course is based on first come, first served.
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