Damien Gilchrist

Te Reo Māori Courses Christchurch

Damien joined the Risingholme tutoring team in early 2019 having completed a three year Te Reo Māori degree programme at Ara Institute of Canterbury bringing with him a sound knowledge and passion for Te Reo Māori.  Over the years Damien has grown and developed his teaching skills.  Learners enrolling in Te Reo Māori courses are diverse and Damien or “Damo” as he is known by his learners, has a natural ability to relate and connect with all his learners.

Teaching is Damien’s calling!  He is a natural teacher bringing energy of his love of Te Reo Māori to his classes.  He creates a safe, supportive, encouraging, and fun learning environment.  In 2021, Damo was awarded the Exceptional Adult Educator award in recognition of his passion and commitment to tutoring Te Reo Māori.

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