Lenore Wright

Lenore Wright

Lenore is Risingholme Learning’s Community Liaison Coordinator. This role includes maintaining strong local knowledge and networks across the Adult and Community Education Sector; Exploring opportunities to meet the needs of the community; Marketing, Events, and Content.

Previously, Lenore worked in a variety of industries across government and private sectors and self-employment. Before starting a Family, Lenore did a lot of travel, she’s been to 50 countries and worked in seven of them. Lenore has a Bachelor Commerce, along with qualifications in project management, fitness and holistic health, Ayurveda and delves into side hustles at different times.

Lenore loves the diversity of Risingholme’s courses, meeting new people and enjoys learning new skills. Please contact Lenore if you would like to collaborate, would like to book a presentation,  have a course idea or see a learning gap that Risingholme Learning can assist with to create a learning city that enhances social cohesion.

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