Drawing and Sketching Risingholme

Drawing and Sketching

This course will offer you easy ways to learn to see, in order to record the world around you.  Each term has a different focus. 
We will cover all the basic art principles (which apply to any subject).  Learning to express yourself intuitively is of equal importance and many people already doodle, creating original works without being aware of it!  Simple materials like pen, pencil and paper are all that’s needed to get started, however a few extra materials will give you many more options. Please speak with your tutor re what Watercolour paints to purchase.

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Amanda has a background in the Fine Arts. She studied in Dunedin and majored in printmaking, textiles and pottery. Amanda has also recently studied counselling and is passionate about using Art Modalities as a way to process/express our ongoing journey and experience.

Term 1 Wednesday 09 February 2022
Term 2 Wednesday 11 May 2022
Term 3 Wednesday 03 August 2022
Term 4 Wednesday 19 October 2022
Fee $104
Length 8 weeks/16 hours
Time 12.30 – 2.30 pm
Location Risingholme
Tutor Amanda Hoffman
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