Then Painting

... And Then Painting

These informal tutorless sessions offer students the chance to use skills and techniques previously learnt to create pictures with confidence at their own pace.  Set topics are introduced enabling students to work with a variety of media to make their own pictures. 

Once a month, typically the first Thursday of the month, students will have the opportunity to have their work evaluated by an experienced art tutor – these dates to be confirmed by the tutor. 

Check with the office to confirm the starting dates for each term.

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Term 1 Thursday 14 February 2019
Term 2 Thursday 09 May 2019
Term 3 Thursday 01 August 2019
Term 4 Thursday 17 October 2019
Fee $55
Length 8 weeks/16 hours
Time 9.45 - 11.45 am
Location Risingholme
Tutor Judith Hitchings comes in once per month