Pottery Advanced 7.30 pm

Pottery Advanced 7.30 pm

This is an Advanced class that develops student knowledge of more complex techniques and materials in ceramics.  The emphasis will be on developing individual learning styles, makers diaries and documenting technical information.  Students should have attended at least 1 year or 4 terms of INTERMEDIATE pottery classes.

Classes will be structured so that students have 2 weeks of throwing, 2 weeks of hand building, 3 weeks self-directed and 1 week of a specialist technique.  The final class is reserved for discussing and planning future projects, documenting specialist technical information and finishing and picking up work.

Sessions will include health and safety, hands on kiln loading and firing, recycling your clay, making colour and glaze, decorating and developing your own unique style.

Over the year, the hand building and throwing blocks will vary term to term so that at the end of the year, students will have had the opportunity to explore more advanced shapes and techniques.

Students will be required to purchase an ADVANCED pottery kit in class that will include specialty tools and a work booklet pack which is put together for their classes.  These kits are to be purchased from the tutor on the first class or additional add on items for your kit - $40 maximum.

Cost of clay and firing will be advised on your first night but expect to spend a minimum of $25 over the 8 weeks.  This will depend on what you are making.

Work Booklet is available to purchase for $20 as a fundraiser to support the Doris Lusk Artist in Residence and the Pottery Master classes,  details of these classes are available in the booklet and will be discussed in class.

Pottery has many chemicals and materials that are hazardous – so if you are either pregnant or health impaired you need to let your tutor know so that they can advise you on best practice.

Students need to choose the day of the week they wish to attend e.g. enrol in the Thursday class and attend this class on Thursdays for the remainder of the term.  This does not mean that you attend any other time or day of the week.

Term 1 Tuesday 12 February 2019
Term 2 Tuesday 07 May 2019
Term 3 Tuesday 30 July 2019
Term 4 Tuesday 15 October 2019
Fee $135
Length 8 weeks/16 hours
Time 7.30 – 9.30 pm
Location Risingholme
Tutor Tatyanna Meharry
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