Russian Language Level 2

Russian Language Level 2

                                            The best time to join our language classes is at the beginning of each term.

Level 2 (Elementary)
For those who have completed Level 1 recently or have equivalent knowledge.  Extend your basic vocabulary and begin to build basic sentences.  Construct and compile simple useful sentences and phrases that will help you both to understand and be understood by others.  Put your new language skills in context and improve your understanding of another culture.

This is a follow up from the  beginners’ course.  It is also suitable for those who have done some Russian before and are able to read and write Russian script. 

Familiarity with the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet is recommended.  It is intended to develop good listening, reading and conversational skills in Russian. 

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About your tutor

Evgenia is a native Russian speaker, a linguist and a language teacher with 20 years’ experience in teaching. She is the recipient of an Excellence Award in tutoring for Russian Language in 2001.

Term 1 Tuesday 13 February 2018
Term 2 Tuesday 08 May 2018
Term 4 Tuesday 16 October 2018
Fee $119
Length 8 weeks/16 hours
Time 7 – 9 pm
Location Riccarton High
Tutor Evgenia Dovbysh