Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication / NonViolent Communication

NonViolent Communication invites us to face life with honesty and compassion, inviting interpersonal harmony and connection between people through a needs centered language of the heart.

This course is intended to help learners effectivley describe their own needs without compromising the needs of others, increase their contributions in the world, improve the quality of their relationships and help to remain grounded in a changing world.

A safe welcoming environment to help anyone who has ever had conflict or trouble communicating their truth in a way that is fully understood by another.

To help keep the cost of this course down we receive Government Funding and they require proof of residency/citizenship status.  When you enrol you may be asked to provide a CERTIFIED copy of your Identity Documentation – click here for a full list of accepted IDocs.

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Term 4 Tuesday 02 November 2021
Fee $70
Length 6 weeks/12 hours
Time 6.30 - 8.30 pm
Location Risingholme
Tutor Jill Genet
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