Pottery Skills Development Thursday 7.30 pm

Pottery Skills Development Thursday 7.30 pm

This course was formally known as Pottery Intermediate.

Students who have attended Pottery Beginners/Core Skills for at least 3 terms will find this class a good step to extend their pottery skills. 

Development students will take part in this 8 week program designed with fixed projects to explore and extend main ways of making and decorating in ceramics.  During this course students will continue to develop their basic technical grounding while applying their own design inspirations using the tools and materials.  Each term will have different and diverse project. 

Sessions will include health and safety, basics on kiln firing, recycling your clay, colour and glaze, decorating and developing your own unique style. 

Each term will offer different course content,

Term 1- Making Glazes
Term 3 - Decorate with Slip

Students are expected to provide their own tools, materials, and clay – the tutor will advise you of these prior to the start of your course. The cost of firing is additional to the course fee and will be paid to the tutor as necessary. 
The estimated cost of firing each term is $20-$30.

Pottery has many chemicals and materials that are hazardous – so if you are either pregnant or health impaired, you need to let your tutor know so that she can advise you on best practice.

Students need to choose the day of the week they wish to attend e.g. if you enrol in the Monday class, you will attend only this class on Mondays for the remainder of the term.  This does not mean that you attend any other time or day of the week. 

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Term 1 Thursday 13 February 2020
Term 3 Thursday 30 July 2020 - FULL
Fee $140
Length 8 weeks/16 hours
Time 7.30 – 9.30 pm
Location Risingholme
Tutor TBA